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Even for the most tech-hungry, Jetsons-weaned, Gen-Xers among us — like me, who proudly stands astride the digital and analog divide of the late ‘70s, and knows full well the slow crawl of promise toward reality — the notion of committing to a group video chat, for no other reason than to hang out, seems a little extra. Teenagers have no such aversion to the shared experience and expression of idle time, so livechilling was really just an idea waiting for its moment to arrive. In 2015, Pew reported that of the 73 percent of teens having smartphones, 59 percent of them were video chatting with their friends — though only 7 percent were doing it daily.

Check out and download the latest Linux video chat options.

There's also integrated Face Book chat with your FB friend list.

With Skype HD, high-quality video conferencing is supported on select Mac HD web camera models - so get and stay current for an optimal video call experience.

Group video chats split the screen of now-traditional chat apps like Skype into a chatty grid of authorized participants.

(Imagine Face Time undergoing mitosis.) The most popular of these apps can host anywhere from eight (Tribe, Houseparty) to 10 (Airtime) to 12 (oo Voo) to 50 (Facebook... Smart audio features regulate the racket between participants, mimicking the subtle ways groups use acoustics to determine rhythms in conversation.