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This film was written by four 17-year old New York City residents of Harlem and Washington Heights. lessons, click here: Family Life and Sexual Health (F. The lesson also addresses how advertising promotes alcohol use as a way to meet social and emotional needs and suggests alternatives for meeting those needs. It was co-directed by the lead teen writer, Ravi Lambert (Manhattan Village Academy) and director Doug Liman (Swingers, Go, The Bourne Identity). An optional family homework assignment is included. This is a place where you can feel safe while dating with HIV. The government has long been criticised for not doing enough.And though South Africa now has one of the largest treatment programmes, it has been slow to get going and reaches only a fraction of the 800,000 or so people thought to need them. Besides the dating service, it also carries updated research and articles about , lists of support groups and treatment centres, and links to resources available to those living with the virus. Membership is free, and getting companies to advertise on the site has been near-impossible.Three years after it was launched, the website has just signed up its first paying advertiser, All Life, a company offering life insurance to clients with Even so, the website is now the victim of his own success.

Target Audience: Level III (early adolescence, ages 12 through 15; middle school/junior high school) and IV (adolescence, ages 15 through 18; high school) Duration of Lesson: 35 to 40 minutes Date Published: 2001 Summary: Participants engage in a variety of activities including discussing whether a case study couple should or should not use condoms and a forced choice activity and large group discussion to address condom use and STD and HIV/AIDS prevention.

This video deals with prevention, communication, and decision-making. H.) curriculum, Public Health – Seattle & King County Target Audience: Level III (early adolescence, ages 12 through 15; middle school/junior high school; grades 7-8) Duration of Lesson: 50 minutes Date Published: 9/02 Summary: This lesson helps students understand the physical and emotional effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body.

Scenarios USA videos are professionally-produced films written by teens for teens. Emphasis is placed on recognizing how drugs/alcohol can impair a person’s ability to make decisions, putting them at increased risk for HIV.

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