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It’s aimed at time-starved professionals, who due to busy work and social lives simply don’t have the time to date.

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(Editing by Tom Hogue) can permethrin cure scabies The future of the project, though, has been in the balancesince investors began to push companies to rein in spending lastyear, amid cooling commodities prices.

But as ad front man he didn'tconnect with the twenty-and-thirty something shoppers they weretargeting, one person close to Men's Wearhouse said.

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() russian stallion Estimates run as high as half-a-million killed in Ho’s effort to consolidate power after his communist forces drove the French out of Indochina.

The killing of landlords and bourgeois-class merchants was famous even in its day and since then has been documented in even more horrifying detail.

But the track record of other animals on the object-choice task is mixed.

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