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Auerbach software deployment updating and patching dec 2016

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There are potentially thousands of software updates displayed in the Configuration Manager console.The first step in the workflow for manually deploying software updates is to identify the software updates that you want to deploy.Microsoft Office 365 Click-to-Run products use virtualization and streaming Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) technology.Click-to-Run method of downloading and updating Office products differs from the traditional Windows Installer-based (MSI) method in the following way: uses update channels for Office 365 and releases a separate update for each version of a channel.A separate bulletin is available for each date when Microsoft Office 365 updates are released for a specific channel.The naming scheme for a bulletin is as follows: O365- is the name of the bulletin that includes the November 10, 2016 Office 365 updates and is presented in the Symantec Management Console as follows: You use bulletins to create a software update policy that delivers and installs Microsoft Office 365 updates to the appropriate computers.

CRC Press e Books are available through Vital Source.

Note: You can use Group Policy to deploy any application update, as long as the patch is available as a MSI file.

We’re just using this particular patch as an example.

After following those steps, you will have a folder which includes the MSI and some other needed files. It is generally a good idea to give everybody READ access to this share and the underlying NTFS permissions.

Next, we need to open Active Directory Users and Computers.