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Automatic transfers consolidating pension savings

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Below we have outlined all the ways you can use your pension pots when you decide to draw your pension benefits.If you intend to use your pension pots to buy an annuity to provide you with an income in retirement,you may get a better deal from an annuity provider if you have one large pot, rather than several small ones.The 3/30/17 FInancial Services Roundtable event "Retirement Plan Portability and Public Policy: Unlocking the Potential in Portability" featured groundbreaking new research from EBRI, firmly establishing Auto Portability as a leading retirement security public policy initiative.For active or separated participants and regardless of balance, an RCH Portability program can be tailored to your plan’s needs, while helping ensure that your participants are treated in the most fiduciary-friendly manner possible.

You may find that some pension pots aren’t big enough to purchase an annuity or rates may be unfavourable for small amounts, but by combining several small pots into a larger amount, you may be able to purchase an annuity.

For example, current Safe Harbor provisions guiding mandatory distributions (“Force-Outs”), require the funds to be invested in FDIC insured deposits, with no risk to principle.

However, because the GAO study was conducted during the Great Recession, which featured the lowest interest rates in over 75 years, fees outpaced returns in most Force-Out IRAs.

If you have a corporate pension scheme as well as a private pension scheme, deductions will be made from your contributions into your corporate pension scheme before contributions are made into your private annuity pensions.

Your monthly disbursements will be taxed as personal income.