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Beck dating tori

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Can you believe Bori might actually happen (kind of)? "Tori: (flirtatiously) "I know what will make you feel better". Beck is seen in the show as trying to welcome Tori to Hollywood Arts and becoming close friends with her, causing Jade to become jealous of their interactions. THIS COMMENT CONTAINS SERIOUS TORI GOES PLATINUM SPOILERS!!! The second time Tori stopped it because Jade is her friend (sort of) and she said she couldn'r get with her kind of friend's ex-boyfriend. The first time it was stopped because Tori's mom walked in one them and they jumped away.See Vavan for the real-life pairing of the characters' actors, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia, who are best friends off-screen.

After accidentally spilling coffee on Beck (and wiping his shirt), Tori finds herself at the wrath of Jade, who thinks that Tori was flirting with Beck.They seemed to have a real connection when they were singing this song together. Beck Oliver is one of the seven main characters of Victorious.Tori herself terminated Bori ever happening in this ep.Not ever, the writers wouldint leave that alone, it gets them ratings and viewers and thats what they want so I think they will sometime.and he can Tori's bf but however happen the same because the problem here is Beck not Jade! The first time they both lean in to kiss,but of course typically, Tori's mom comes home which causes them to split and act like nothing happened so they couldn't kiss.