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Book of daniel dating

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Will it pass the test of being classified as genuine “prophecy”?We are confident the question can be answered in the affirmative.These words were used to show that Daniel could not possibly have been written in the 6th century B. However, Greek loan words need not disprove the traditional date of the Book because there was Greek penetration in the Middle East before Alexander the Great.— King Nebuchadnezzar II, for example, The 6th Century B.

Now I’m going to try to defend the traditional 6th century B. date of the book by talking about it’s linguistic style and other details.But before I start, I want to mention that the second half of the book of Daniel is supposed to be prophetic.It seems that many of the prophesies are the main basis that skeptics have to place the writingof the book with in the second century B. because that is the time that many of his prophesies came to pass.After all, his siblings make the happily ever after thing look pretty appealing.Finding the right girl isn’t Daniel O’Brien wants what all his siblings have found…love.(Ezekiel ,20; 28:3) These references show that even during his own lifetime, in the sixth century BC, Daniel was already well-known as a righteous and a wise man, worthy of being mentioned alongside God-fearing Noah and Job.