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It was one of the four main kingdoms of India at the time of Buddha and was one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas.

Under the Maurya Empire founded by Chandragupta Maurya, Magadha extended over nearly all of South Asia, including parts of Balochistan and Afghanistan, reaching its greatest extent under the Buddhist emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE.

For them it's like coming home, but London's home for me. Retirees have built scores of homes which boast English baronial influences such as balconies, porticos, expansive lawns and multiple bedrooms.

The result of so much reverse-migration has been to create city that is as much a "fusion" of the British and sub-continent as the chicken tikka masala cuisine on which so many fortunes were built.

Overall almost one in 10 people living in Britain is married to or living with someone from outside their own ethnic group, the analysis from the Office for National Statistics shows. Only one in 25 white people have settled down with someone from outside their own racial background.

The files in this dataset are derived from the British Library’s collection of bound volume Quarterly Lists: printed catalogue records of Indian books published quarterly and by province of British India between 18.

People from an African background are five and a half times as likely to be in a mixed relationship as white people, while those of Indian ancestry are three times as likely.

Age is the crucial factor with those in their 20s and 30s more than twice as likely to be living with someone from another background as those over 65, reflecting a less rigid approach to identity over time.

While he has no intention of returning to live in Bangladesh: "I'm rule Britannia, me", his father, a textile worker who moved to Britain in the 1960s, has come to Sylhet retire.

"A lot of the elders are coming back, to relax and invest.