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The various collecting categories include: Pontil Era Sodas- 1840-1857 Smooth Base non machine made sodas 1858-1910 Squats- 1860-1875 Hutchinsons- 1879-1920 Blob Tops- 1870-1910 Hand tooled Crown tops 1892-1915 Machine Made Embossed sodas- 1892-present time Early machine embossed sodas 1892-1932 Applied Color Label Sodas 1932-present This web site does not attempt to price Coke bottles, Pepsi bottle, Mountain Dew bottles and other modern (since 1930) collectibles. Pepper, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola bottles from the Hutchinson soda and early machine made era. The oldest bring the highest prices often 0-1000 or more for certain rare examples or rare cities. Identifying Lynchburg Maker's Marks Dennis Bratcher Like many glass houses of the 1920s, both incarnations of the Lynchburg Glass factory used maker's marks or logos to identify their wares.

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If you want to collect affordably, Coke memorabilia offers literally thousands of ways to do so.

Since other companies used similar marks, there has been some confusion as to what was actually made by the two Lynchburg companies (see The Story of Lynchburg Glass).

However, with a little information it is fairly easy to distinguish Lynchburg products.

In fact, the first man to bottle Coca-Cola did so without the permission of the company—in 1894, Joseph Biedenharn began to bottle Coke so customers could take the carbonated drink to picnics and other spots outside of the soda fountain.

His idea spread, and by the beginning of the 20th century, two lawyers named Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead had obtained exclusive bottling rights from Candler.