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Consolidating fire departments

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Specifically, we will identify the main problems with public safety officers that range from an actual increase in cost, to the life safety of both citizens and first responders.

In different cities, consolidation can take many different forms.

An example would be a single Fire Chief overseeing multiple departments.

Functional Consolidation: Each department remains legally separate but performs special function(s) as if they were one department.

More than 30 years prior, the city of Indianapolis had blazed a similarly uncommon trail when it came together and formed the first city-county unified government in the nation.

That consolidation maintained the pre-Unigov autonomy and jurisdictions of police and fire services, but yielded expanded IFD borders that infringed on Pike, Lawrence and Washington townships. City dwellers migrating to the suburbs began to overreach the ability of some township departments to provide adequate fire protection services.

It is useful to understand that there are four types of consolidation with different characteristics.

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Merge Consolidation: A department (usually larger) absorbs another department (usually smaller), resulting in a single entity.

There is no doubt that the fire service works better together, at an emergency, then any other emergency agency.

Working together off the emergency scene is what non-fire folks (i.e.

elected and governing officials) understand and for the most part embrace.

In fact the principle is so simple they ask, "Why can't we share resources when there are no emergencies".