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With age they have learned to appreciate inner beauty in preference to exterior, and capable to look past your bed hair or imperfections to truly love you for who you are.

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If it is a man and they have read the Word they usually quote 1st Corinthians emphasizing the "seek not a wife" part with a pained look on there face.If anyone can find anywhere in the Word of God that dating as we understand it today is scriptural I would like to see it. That does not mean you can't meet and get to know members of the opposite sex. Be faithful to the services of your home church, but go to as many camp meetings, youth camps, mission trips, and Gospel meetings as you can, not only for their spiritual benefit, but to meet other Christian young people. God's Plan For Finding a Mate - Part II - A Biblical Alternative To Dating Two Shall Become One - PART 1 -- A courtship story! There was a young man in his third unhappy marriage. A short time later he met the young lady who would become his wife. A sampling of opinions reveals a variety of definitions, with seemingly no two alike.But for you men the Word is clear that you treat women with respect and as sisters. You don't decide you like her and drive off to Lookout Point even if she wants to. You don't want the girl that is willing to break her vow before God and you are doing the same.

After you have established your own Biblical convictions, guidelines and goals, meeting the right person, under the right circumstances is not difficult. We have had one couple meet on a mission trip to Mexico, several at camp meetings and one at a young adult fellowship.

You might be just as sorry if you picked up your wife or got picked up by your future husband at a movie, party or rock concert! As it turned out, the other girl would not have made a pastor's wife. If you get started right, and stay right, the chances are you will marry right and have a life of joy, power and usefulness.

In talent, temperament, and desires, they are a near perfect match and are deeply devoted to the Lord and each other.

hit the bestseller list in 1997, Christian singles have talked differently about dating. That's not to say everyone traded the practice of recreational coupling for parent-directed matchmaking, but that many believing singles gave more thought to the of getting married.

And so here you are, wondering if that model will prevent the mistakes of your past relationships and lead you to your goal of a Christ-centered marriage, and if so, if it will work with the guys you know and the parents you have.