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It has involved tracing the related sedimentary rock layer horizontally from the place where the fossil in question was found to a place where it is underlain or overlain (or both) by igneous rock.

The Ludwig (2012) Comment on our paper (Fassett et al., 2011) primarily focuses on the U-Pb data treatment used to arrive at the original fossilization dates for our two dinosaur bone samples—specifically, the method we used to correct for the presence of common lead in dinosaur bone.

Three geologists have reported what they called the first "successful" direct dating of dinosaur bone.

Will this new radioisotope dating (or radiodating) technique solve the problems that plagued older dating methods?

A manuscript now in preparation by Heaman, Simonetti, and Fassett (Heaman, 2012, personal commun.) will provide a more detailed description of the procedures used by Fassett et al.

(2011), and describes in detail the geochemistry and isotope systematics of some regions within bone 22799-D, disturbed by one or more post-fossilization uranium-enrichment events.