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This is now a celebrated part of Hendersonville culture. High schools in the city include West Henderson High School, Hendersonville High School, North Henderson High School, and East Henderson High School.

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The list is updated once every day and is ordered by most interesting profiles first. Character and intelligence,honesty, someone who is fun-spirited and playful."chemistry" is important ... I am loyal, responsible, active, responsible, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted,warm, accommodating,sexy,compassionate,tolerant,laid back type,outgoing,welcoming to people generally, I am a one man ... I'm loving caring, understand , outgoing , very humble, loyal and honest. (Juh-Kw-On), mispronounced as always but that is okay. So, you are here and your friends / loved ones / cuddle buddies are elsewhere. And maybe you’re tired of the routine text or phone call or email — you want to connect differently, say different things, be involved in each others’ lives in ways that don’t necessarily involve “like”-ing a status.Maybe they’re down the street, across town, in another state, on the other side of the world. There tons of ways to stay in contact that go above and beyond the “How are you”s and “I’m doing fine”s, if you’re willing to be creative.He'd told me before that he enjoyed dating because it meant he got to try new bars and restaurants. What really irks me about FSM is the assumption that I want something out of them, that I'm trying to lay a commitment trap of some kind.That just by saying I like them, they translate it as "..I want to marry you and have your babies." Way to think too much of yourselves, guys.We did the usual fortysomething thing of nice bars, good wine, lovely restaurants.

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;) I live in the county with my horses, dogs and bunnies and I hope to have my own organic homestead one day! I love the outdoors, Meditation at the beach and I am a workaholic but I still make out a lot of time for my loved ones. I try to stay positive with whatever life throws at me! I love a person who can make me laugh, but who also knows when I need a shoulder to lean on. I live a faith filled Catholic Life and enjoy praying, painting, and playing.

This has to be descrete cause I'm currently da... I'm new to this area and looking to meet up with some of you guys..

i love fishing, singing and dancing and i just cant really wait to meet someone i will be spending the rest of my life with.

You can tell people you miss the ever-loving daylights out of them in so many ways. In college, my friends and I would regularly have read-arounds hosted at peoples’ houses — these involved sitting around in a circle in someone’s living room, drinking green tea, eating finger sandwiches (cucumber and dill on rye seemed to be really prevalent) and reading poetry, fiction or non-fiction that we either read from books or wrote ourselves. I was Skyping with my brother who lives in Michigan the other day, and we both happened to be holding our guitars as we turned on the Skype screen. We picked a key (the key of D seemed to work) and he started jamming out some rhythm guitar with his acoustic, and I soloed on my electric guitar over him.

We had a thing for Emily Dickinson (lovingly nicknamed Em Dick) and we would read everything from Eileen Myles to excerpts from erotic novels. We played everything from Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” to “The General” by Dispatch.