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While the information and observations provided in the Cultural Atlas have been summarised from reliable sources, it is important to bear in mind that the information is a general guideline.Cultures are complex, dynamic and constantly changing, and every country has great depth and diversity.The family provides protection, food, shelter, income, reputation, and honor.The present-day Iraqi family is not extended in the strict sense.The interests of the family are expected to supersede those of the individual, and loyalty (such as preferential treatment) is shown to fellow family members.Wealthy individuals are expected to financially assist less fortunate family members by providing job opportunities or sharing assets.

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However, the concept of family often extends to include all possible related kin that can be traced in their lineage.Role of Family The family is the most important unit of social organization in contemporary Iraqi society.It also is a relatively cohesive institution at the center of economic activities.I ask this because I was seeing an Assyrian (Iraqi Catholic) woman, but it is not likely to turn out so well, it seems, because for her culture apparently something like an "engagement" must basically happen *first* before the couple can really go out on dates. Obviously in the West we get engaged last, right before marriage.Also, I am not certain the degree I would even be accepted by the family, if it were to work out (since I am not of even partial Iraqi or Assyrian background); religiously I am Catholic also however.The subtle differences in the notion of honour are reflected in Arabic, which has two words for honour.