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Dating vintage stanley tools

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Any patent dates previous to 1902 mark it as (almost certainly) a 19th century plane.Any Bailey plane with a small iron (blade/cutter) depth-adjustment wheel is pre-Sweetheart, as is any with a low knob (there are some Type 11 planes with a high knob, but most have a low knob).If you note two holes in the sliding section, and there's nothing filling them, your plane had a detachable guard plate, which long ago became detached from your plane.A lot of guys are looking for guard plates, and the screws that hold them to the plane (they are rather fragile), so you'll have plenty of shoulders to cry on while hunting for yours.Since the early 1970s, Stanley tool collecting and tool collecting of all kinds has exploded.

They also know that a price guide is just as important when selling their tools regardless of the venue.Many of you recommend pre WW II or pre 1930 Bailey/Stanley planes. Thanks in advance Chuck Blood and Gore Section - Patrick Leach's fine dissertation especially the walk through of the 3 here: BG/stan1will help you.How do I determine the age without carrying a reference book around to garage sales and auctions? Also here: vintage (20's and 30's) is easy to ID as teh heart with the SW in side is easy to see.Antique tool collectors know the importance of having a reliable and current price guide.This is the book they rely on for guidance while searching through antique shops, flea markets and garage sales.Clearly, many early carpenters felt that adding one more Stanley item to their tool kit was a desirable goal even if they never used the tool.