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Zeiss uses ED glass exclusively from the renowned Schott glass company, and it’s the real thing.

Whenever light passes through glass, it gets prismatically dispersed some because the different light wavelengths bend at slightly different angles from each other.

Approximately at the same time, 1892, the first sights for rifles originated.

The company Carl Zeiss took a decisive part in the rapid development that followed for this line of production.

In today’s intolerant social media environment, ignorance—especially that delivered by trumpet level demagogues—enjoy precisely the same forum as reason by thinking people.

My late editor, Bob Elman, was a keen observer who passed along many insightful messages. At the country club, where the frog was respected, he told his friends what could be expected if toads were not scrupulously rejected: Damn right I don't like toads, They're lazy and dirty and crude.

There's a bunch of intolerance going around these days and one hardly needs a guide dog to track where it's heading.

With pure cussedness on the uprise and courtesy and tolerance on the downswing, sloguneering with overtones of bigotry has become cottage industry.

Already in this year the first so-called "double field glasses" were made.The following was penned after he'd heard some upright citizen from his locale proclaim that he's "certainly not a bigot—far from it—but facts are facts and you can't deny them people are not our equals. They defecate all over the roads And they eat uncivilized food.Give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile." "Them people," according to Bob, "are whatever group the proclaimer is most ignorant of—racial, religious, ethnic, political, cultural, whatever—and you can bet there's someone in the target group who's spouting the same crap about the proclaimer's group." Here's a poem Bob penned on the subject: ON LOGIC AND TOLERANCE IN COMMUNITY RELATIONS When the toad was about to sell his place, he rallied his neighbors face to face and explained his views with regard to race: Damn right I don't like frogs, They're clammy and slimy and vicious. Their skin is warty and dry as death, Their ignorant croaks can't be understood, And their tongues—well, talk about dragon breath! © Robert Elman Bob added this at the end: "My bit of doggerel doesn't amount to any profound insight, but it was fun to do, and I enjoy sharing these trifles with you.The question is, can you actually manufacture a quality optic worthy of a venerable name for just 0? Zeiss thought otherwise, and the result was the 42-mm Terra ED binoculars at 8x and 10x.When talking about an inexpensive ED glass binocular, it’s logical to start with the glass.(1) Warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase.