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If the duration is unspecified it is assumed to be for 12 months (if referred by a GP) or three months (if referred by another specialist).The duration of the referral commences on the day of the initial consultation, not the date on which the referral is written.“It was a living horror,” said Carpenter, a stunning, 57-year-old former Ford Model who recently sued Collins in Manhattan court and was just awarded 0,000.Carpenter — an Arkansas native whose rise to fame and fortune as the Jordache jeans girl led The New York Times to label her life a “Manhattan fairy tale” in 1979 — was struggling when she was referred to Collins in 2000. I was an easy mark,” Carpenter told The Postyesterday.

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Medicare is conducting compliance audits of specialists’ billing; particularly where more than one initial consultation is rendered in respect of a single referral.

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Generally a valid referral is required before a referred specialist consultation can be itemised.

Pre-anaesthetic consultations, emergencies and referrals of private patients in hospital are exceptions.