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If you have a larger screen, it’s very handy to space out these Preview windows so you can see all of them at once.

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Knowing this, it’s easy to tell the difference between a diamond and lesser stones. Not only will it have less brilliance than a diamond, but it will have less fire as well, according to Shor.

Another popular diamond substitute is a stone called moissanite.

Diamond Princess is a treasure trove of exceptional delights waiting to be discovered.

Photos, floor plan diagrams, and amenities represent typical arrangements and may vary by ship.Indulge your appetite whenever you wish on board Princess®.Every hour, our chefs are busy baking, grilling and sautéing great-tasting fare from scratch.Current image availability and updates are subject to satellite signal connectivity with the ship which can be affected by weather, position and onboard equipment issues.If the image displayed is old, it is most likely due to an issue onboard the ship out of our control. As soon as the issue has been resolved and a current image is once again available it will automatically be displayed above.There are lots of ways to test whether a diamond is real.