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In 2010, these trained librarians with access to TC and CU databases completed almost 500 online reference sessions.

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Knowing oneself and one’s partner better and having more aligned expectations can go a long way in setting the space for a loving relationship and reducing potential conflicts.Sex Counseling: The focus area here is working with sexual difficulties that are arising due to psychological reasons.A lot of creeps use the Internet to take advantage of other people, especially kids and teens.Never reveal any personally-identifiable information online, whether it’s on your profile page or in a blog, chatroom, instant messenger chat or email.You should, however, share your passwords with your parents if they ask so they can make sure you’re using the Internet safely.

It can’t be pushed, it’s a natural pull.” For the country’s biggest regional brand, Cobra, manufactured by Noida-based Anondita Healthcare, what tends to happen, according to its proprietor Anupam Ghosh, are sales push at dealer levels through schemes that provide attractive discounts and gifts.The truth is closer to the 10per cent to 20 per cent range for some brands.That’s enough for national players to take notice and ramp up marketing efforts.Since people do not easily speak of their sexual issues, online sex therapy can be a great way of getting perspective on your problem and addressing it healthily.Online Dating is a phenomenon, which has finally started to make space in the India arena.The therapist will work with both partners in individual sessions and be a facilitator of the resolution process.