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Eleven o’clock on a Monday morning during the Costa Rican rainy season and it’s all white boys at the bar, eight of them, except for one wobbly local named Fernando that the security guys keep trying to pour out the door.

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In Part 2, he answers questions from one of his successful students, who went from almost zero dating experience to dating several great women and having lots of great sex.He discusses how to decide when to take a dating hiatus and what you can learn when you do it consciously.Not to mention I found that the only guy that I seemed to have wanted to give my all to in my whole dating experience hurt me the most and treated me the worst.I found something SERIOUSLY WRONG with that so I decided to give 2008 to myself and work on me!It can also help you be the best version of yourself.Many people take breaks for different reasons — emotional, financial, physical.My hiatus lasted for a year and a half, only because for the first time in my life, I You can take as little or as much time with yourself as you need—in a nurturing way, not a self-destructive way.

Instead of trying to force it or allowing myself to become bitter, I’ve decided to remove myself from the dating equation for the time being. I’d rather be doing yoga A few months ago, I bought an unlimited yoga pass for a local studio.

I finished College, I'm looking for a new job, trying to save money for my 1st apartment and I'm going out more. That way, you can see if they have those 'wrong guy' kind of traits. And always remember, it's not the end of the world if it does not work.

As my 24th birthday and the New Year approaches I ask myself... Go on dates and meet other guys or should I continue to let life happen and allow God to do his work? I was seeing the wrong type of guys (playboys, bad boys) and it finally caught up to me. It'll just give you a chance to meet new people once again.

I felt completely romantically burnt out, and like I needed to spend a lot of time alone - a feeling that’s only persisted going forward.

I’ve been on a few really great dates this year, but for the most part I’ve spent the majority of 2016 not dating - and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.