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In a statement, the Navy said the USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant vessel 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka and the extent of any injuries to U. NHK said that the commercial vessel is a Philippines container ship. Navy said it had requested the assistance of the Japanese Coast Guard Such incidents are rare. Situated at the approach to Tokyo bay, Yokosuka and the waters to its south are a busy commercial waterway plied by commercial vessels sailing to and from Japan’s two biggest container ports in Tokyo and Yokohama.

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I’ve never been very good at listening to other people’s advice—especially when it’s unwarranted.

If someone tells me to turn left instead of right, I’ll turn right just to see what I’m missing out on.

She’s just a friend of a friend of a friend who occasionally reads the writing that’s posted with my byline on the Internet. I’m at work drawing snails on a tiny notepad trying to decide whether I want to eat a cinnamon bun the size of my kneecap or a slice of cheap pizza for lunch. ” I’ve decided to make t-shirts that say “Team Jen: helping her find a boyfriend since 1988,” since it seems that everyone, everywhere, has taken on my relationship status as their personal philanthropy.

If you’re doing online dating, send the first message as well.

Getting and acing first dates isn’t an easy business, but it should be fun.

If it’s a total disaster, at least you’ve got a funny story to tell your mates over wine. Don’t sit around wondering why you haven’t met someone – be proactive.

So I just checked you out, and I find myself nodding along yes with everything you’re saying. Keep it up, you are gonna be the most popular man in the world pretty soon, at least to us guys. because of you, i'm crystal clear on my purpose in life and my bangin-hot girlfriend wants to bring other girls into the bedroom.

I’ve attached pics of the 3 women I’m currently dating, all because of you. In a world where the media has destroyed all masculine heroes, you are the one - the one who will not be stopped.