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There are a few dozen household names; the rest are mostly struggling.They sling drinks and wait tables, waiting for their big break. Every call and meeting with producers and agents is an emergency.

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Cusack gained fame in the mid-1980s after appearing in teen films, such as Class, Sixteen Candles, Better Off Dead, The Sure Thing, One Crazy Summer and Stand By Me.

One of my mentors put it bluntly: “If you’re hungry, you’ll forget about love. Even though there’s a less than 10% chance of anything coming out of any given audition, she never knows which one’s going to be the big one, so she has to show up every day. In addition to the sudden-death auditions and callbacks that usually happen on weekends when you’re trying to get together, actors also have paying gigs that happen at inconvenient times for workaday mortals.

And if you need to pee, you’ll forget about the hunger, too.” Maslow’s hierarchy of needs says that base-level needs like shelter, security, employment and resources supersede higher ones. If you’re dating her, you try to be supportive the first few times. If she’s in a theater production, she may not be available on any weekend evening for .

Each week, we take two New Yorkers who swear they’re totally undateable and set them up on a date; after the date, we interview both of them to find out what went well on their date, or what went horribly wrong.“Our couple this week clearly wasn’t a match made in dating heaven—and that happens.

I thank Billy for being a part of things, and hope people responding to the article do so reasonably and in the spirit with which the column is intended.