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The episode, titled 'The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification', Sheldon spots Woz having dinner in the Cheesecake Factory, and sends a robotic version of himself to chat with the Apple co-founder about the Apple II.
If so, I'm impressed, and you should definitely feel free to read something else now. To help, I've compiled a list of sexual and romantic terminology commonly used in online sexual and romantic interactions, creating an abbreviated "sexicon," printed below.

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She was the definition of IDGAF and we love her for it.Seriously though...nobody has rocked braces as an adult better than her. Honestly, this look is pretty timeless for anyone into an alt look.

Whether it was Brandy‘s box braids or Gwen Stefani‘s braces, the ’90s were full of celebrities becoming synonymous with looks that made the ’90s, well, Whether she was dying her hair blue or rocking braces, Gwen's style was entirely her own.At the height of her fame in the silent era, Anita Page received as much fan mail as Garbo and was pursued by a besotted Benito Mussolini.Page's blonde curls and haunting eyes were usually found under a fabulous hat.When you are a beginner with Android, it’s not easy to guess what all these icons and symbols mean on the top bar (notifications and status bar)! For example, how do you know you got a call on your voicemail?Ok you can scroll down the menu from the top bar with your finger and you’ll be able to see the details. but the best would be to have a beautiful chart, right?Scott Fitzgerald, but the writer gave his novelist wife Zelda the honour of being called "the first American Flapper".