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In our November issue, our feature ‘Sexual Healing’ explores how one woman used rough sex to cope with a difficult time in her life.

I’m referring to single sex hostels, the Apartheid-derived scars on the otherwise transforming face of Greater Johannesburg.

This thoughtful Reuters report asks why these Dickensian dens of iniquity still exist, two decades after South Africa gained democracy. – Alec Hogg By Kenichi Serino and Nqobile Dludla JOHANNESBURG, May 20 (Reuters) – Musa Nkabinde knew no-one in Johannesburg when he came looking for work five years ago, but the 22-year-old knew exactly where to stay – the same place as his grandfather and thousands of other migrant workers before him: the hostel.

I was a seventeen-year-old single mother in a family of ten.

At the time, my parents were unemployed hospice workers. I prayed that my child would not have to live without food or an education.

Each session the client(s) will explore aspects of their sexual behaviour and feelings, and after each session the client(s) should have homework tasks to complete and report back on at the following session. Furthermore, homework tasks will often involve both partners, and so seeing the couple together is often necessary.

I was fantasizing about it the other day 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: 🙂 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: I gotta go – she is shouting!This paper emphasizes the voices of the women themselves, drawing from the first academic research employing creative writing workshops as a methodology with migrant women sex workers in Johannesburg, South Africa.This work responds to calls for more innovative methodologies to reach marginalized or “invisible” groups and adds to the “voices” of urban poor migrants to provide more information about the lived experiences of migrant sex workers in Johannesburg.Existing evidence indicates that cross-border migrant women sex workers in South Africa are often marginalized by state and non-state actors professing to assist them.Trafficking discourses frequently conflate migrant sex workers with trafficking victims, denying them agency and silencing the women under discussion.According to EWN: A Johannesburg teacher has been arrested after sending his 16-year-old pupil a naked photograph of himself sitting in a bathtub and unwittingly engaging in a late night Whats App conversation with the boy’s mother.7/30/2013 : PUPIL: G’Nite 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: U sure u don’t want to… 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Kidding gnite 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Don’t want to what ….