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We wonder if they drove off to his home or her home?? Well, wherever they drove off to, it was clearly together as Michelle Trachtenberg was spotted sitting next to Kid Cudi in his car.

While leaving a West Hollywood hot spot, the two revved up romance rumors by looking awfully close side-by-side.

We're not sure if they spent the rest of the night locking lips, but at least they both locked in their seat belts!

Dating or not, these two are practicing safety…which we hope carries over to any other extracurricular activities they might be up to.

In the book, she hinted that he may have been cheating on her with Ariana Granda at the time of their breakup.

“We’d been fighting for five straight days while he was traveling… “I walk in, go downstairs, and guess what little girl is sitting cross-legged on the couch listening to music?

He goes from his ex Naya Rivera to his last boo, Ariana Grande, and his new boo Jhene Aiko and without even mentioning their names.

Over the last few weeks, there were rumblings about the possibility of Chris Paul potentially leaving the Los Angeles Clippers to join the Houston Rockets in free agency. Strangely enough, she deleted several of these subsequent tweets referring to her “chocolate” lover, but the internet goons, goblins and gargoyles over at Dr. But this tweet right before The 5nd Annual Grammy Awards is a clue if we’ve ever seen one! She couldn’t be any more facetious with these tweets, either. She’s semi-putting his buisness out there, and sounding a little too interested. We’ve just ran through Amanda Bynes and Ki D Cu Di’s potentially faux relationship, vicariously enjoyed through her Twitter updates. She succeeded in getting the media’s attention, but failed to get Cudder to like her back. Tyler the Creator has released a video for “Who Dat Boy” featuring A$AP Rocky!Cu Di was nominated for 3 Grammys, and Amanda is clearly rooting for her crush/boo to come home with at least one of those bad boys. Why “a certain guy” as opposed to “my man” or “Scott” or better yet, why even say anything? A few more key tweets: I don’t even want to know what Cu Di made her say. She’s fantasizing about her future, but it sounds like she kinda wants him to be in it. We’re guessing she said essentially the same thing again because the first time she said it, it didn’t give away enough info about her situation. Was that not the most impressive Twitter screen shot collection and research you’ve ever seen? Tyler released the song last week on a new You Tube channel following many promotional countdown posts on his social media accounts. One-man entertainment machine Dwayne Johnson helped Saturday Night Live close out their most popular season in decades.It rhymes with ‘Smariana Schmande.'” Well, Big Sean didn't appreciate that too much and neither did Ariana, but now he's put his feelings on wax: “Funny thing about it is my ex wanna write a tell all, f*cked up thing about it is she ain’t even tell all / Like how I introduced her to meditation / Positive thinking and the books she probably read in daily rotation / I learned when people lie on you, not to return the favor / So I won't get you embarrassed / I won't tell them all the other parts about you that's plastic / This my last time putting my ex in a song even thought the last one went triple platinum," he rapped, citing his popular song "I Don't F*ck With You." Another problem he addressed was Kid Cudi.Pay attention now: singer Jhene Aiko recently divorced producer Dot Da Genius, who is also Cudi's friend.Musician John Legend was not having it when Donald Trump Jr. A Trump supporter on Twitter said Legend has "no education," to which Legend replied, "the Donalds and I graduated from the same University, funny enough," referring to the University of Pennsylvania.