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A Sagittarius female is an extrovert and for this reason she is outspoken and likes to speak her mind while communicating with others.
My WISH LIST: If you send me some gifts, il send you back a naughty snap shots of myself as a thank you once received.

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Even worse, there’s a sequel with roughly the same premise, so clearly he does not change his ways!

This movie teaches kids that if you're an asshole, you get to go to a fancy ranch and ride horses.

Pat makes dinner for the family, wakes them up in the morning and cleans up their mess.To be fair, that is kind of the way the world works when you’re a rich, white man, but not something the next generation needs to know.This movie brought feminism back several years, which is especially disappointing after the glory of High School Musical, which was released a few months earlier, and the potential that Aly and AJ Michalka brought to Disney Channel.If you grew up in the '90s and 2000s, Disney Channel Original Movies taught you how to navigate middle school, what to wear, and that your best friend of the opposite sex is definitely in love with you.Through the twin wonders of Netflix and You Tube, we recently rekindled our passion for this very specific art form.Will gets to take her on a date; however, Hallie has something else in mind.