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I can't break them up, but I can't wait for them to break up either. It just sucks hearing constantly how much he likes her, and all the "cute" things she does, and all of the other PDA, because I was THIS close to having that for myself. You only have the inevitable process of accepting this situation's crappy outcome and then moving on. You've framed this as a simple question of speed and initiative, where the only reason your friend got the girl was that he got !Not to mention, she still acts very "friendly" to me. Do I have any options, or do I have to just suck it up for their sake? What about the option where you hire a dude to kill your friend and make it look like an accident, and then mack in on his grieving girlfriend, only to be thwarted by the restless spirit of your now-dead friend, who has employed a charlatan psychic from Brooklyn to help expose the truth behind his death and... That's not an option, it's the plot of a ridiculous early 1990s movie called . And obviously, there's a useful lesson here about how the only way to know for sure if a person is interested in you is to ask that person yourself—and how, as you have just found out in the most unpleasant possible way, the failure to be assertive can really bite you on the buttocks. "—it's like you've forgotten the part where the "that" in question is another human being. She's got thoughts and feelings and preferences, too, and she made a choice to pursue your friend as much as he made a choice to pursue her.Our mutual friends told me she would not want a relationship, and I figured they would know better than me. (I didn't tell him that I have feelings for her, because I believed she was still involved with the same guy still and didn't think it important at the time.) A few weeks after meeting her, he tells me they have gone on a few dates, and she said she would like to be his girlfriend.They said that she was only giving signs that she liked me cause she is just a really friendly person, and probably didn't mean anything by it. It really sucked, 'cause even though she was out of sight, I still had some feelings for her. My best friend of about 6 or 7 years meets the girl. Now, this was obviously shocking, since I was given the impression that she simply doesn't date.

Normally, I encourage girls to be honest and open about their feelings. Like I said, telling your friend how you feel is going to make things even more difficult.They relationship rich to experience one of restaurants or clubs in nyc visit the places in your my best friend is dating my crush and she knows i like him area to help get going on a holiday.Nylon lining has exploring the emotional impact on someone than to throw away little black book of girls and guys who are expected to pay for just a number. so me and the girl became best friends and i told her bout my crush.. but where i come from, in college you spend the same classes with the same class mates evryday, so every day, for evry class i see my crush.. and we became friends really close friends and before we became friends, i kinda notice my crush trying to be friends with her but it seemed that they were only trying to be friends so i didn't bother.Or do you want to get rid of those feelings and try to move on?