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What makes us different is our key dimensions of personality that will match you based on your beliefs and values as well as what matters most to you in your significant other.

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There’s something special about Mil Spouse friendships. I realized that when my best Mil Spouse friend sent me this blog post the other day, called “dating for Moms.” We laughed about the fact that, according to the author, we’ve gone all the way to fourth base together, which I guess is to be expected considering the fact that we’ve been dating each other for about seven years now.

Brothers and sisters already joined various online social or dating or singles sites, found friends or established online relationships.He would later find out that this succubus had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, which explained the acid she spewed on his life. Six months into our friendship, I was diagnosed with borderline.Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is perhaps the most dreaded diagnosis a psych patient can get."Just want to give you a heads up, though," I wrote."I was serious when I said I'm just looking for friends on my profile.Whatever the reason, we’ve got something unique going on, something our non-military related friends just don’t get. But it seems that whenever I write about the awesomeness that is the Mil Spouse friendship, there’s always someone wondering where all those friends are hiding, someone lonely for that perfect companion, someone who puts herself out there but has yet to find that Mrs. Just as we all have stories about the beginning dating stages with our spouses, we also have stories of our first dates with friends.