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SAO PAULO (AP) — Police in Brazil arrested a close ally of President Michel Temer on Monday on suspicion of obstruction of justice for allegedly trying to block plea bargain deals that could further sink the country's scandal-plagued administration.

At the time, American officials called it an unsafe intercept over the Black Sea.However, at the time, the game was called "hockey on the ice", probably as it was considered an ice variant of field hockey.A Russian anti-submarine warship entered the English Channel as Vladimir Putin steps up support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.Most intercepts are considered 'safe and professional,' according to Pentagon spokesman Capt. The annual live training operation, between several NATO Allies and Partner Nations, is used to practice air and maritime integration and maintain stability in the Baltic Sea region. Earlier this week on Tuesday, the Kremlin claimed it had intercepted a US bomber that was flying near the border of Russian airspace.Moscow's defense ministry announced the incident on Tuesday morning, saying one of its SU-27 jets was dispatched to an area over the Baltic Sea.In modern times, Russia has held a top position in the bandy area, both as a founding nation of the International Federation in 1955 and fielding the most successful team in the World Championships.