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UCL alumni include the "Father of the Nation" of each of India, Kenya and Mauritius, the founders of Ghana, modern Japan and Nigeria, the inventor of the telephone, and one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA.

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You don’t need to inform of us about any contact roles other than those listed.We store contact information using specific role titles.The SOAP messages that are passed between the Exchange Web Services client and server are defined by the XML schema and WSDL files.The XML schema and WSDL files define the contract between the client and server.This section provides you with information on what to expect following a traumatic event and how to manage stress reactions.Most people experience some stress reactions following a trauma, such as nightmares, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, and feeling detached.

Reality: IT self-service requires constant care and feeding.Academies and academy trusts (including free schools, university technology colleges and studio schools) should update their contact information on Edubase.Please read our guidance about updating academy trust governance contacts for more information.By 2015, the majority of IT organizations will have less than 10 percent of the contact volume managed by IT self-service."IT self-service is a great concept, enabling and empowering end users to solve their own IT problems, thereby allowing support organizations to gain efficiencies through a reduced incident and request workload, " saidhave identified four common myths that organizations have regarding IT self-service.Gartner believes that these myths and the associated realities, in combination with low IT service desk maturity, are the factors that prevent IT organizations from successfully delivering IT self-service. Reality: IT self-service will reduce Level 1 support.Some issues will still require a call to the IT service desk and/or the assistance of a support technician.