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Roger was consumed by bitterness that the hot women of the world ignored him—that they didn’t seem to give him a second glance, despite his expensive clothes and BMW; that women prefer idiot jocks over him with his obvious intellectual superiority.

Women were objects, and sex was a right that had been denied to him. Call it male privilege or call it rape culture, it appears in porn and in Sleeping Beauty, in sexual chat rooms and on Facebook.

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Introduction A priest who wants to write on cybersex may cause discomfort to some readers. My experience of cybersex is surely limited and this is what makes it difficult for me to write this article.

Questions like these may crop up in their mind: What right has he to talk about this matter? I had to reckon with two things in preparing for this ethical discourse on cybersex: first, the actual engagement in online sex as a challenge I had to face to be able to gain insights from concrete experience, and second, the search for the best framework to ethically evaluate this new sexual phenomenon.

Enacting a plan that originally called for the dismemberment of random strangers, the destruction of an entire sorority, and the premeditated murder of his own half-brother and stepmother, Rodger murdered six people before turning a gun on himself. Whether he could or should be described as clinically insane is a question best left to the experts, but there’s no doubt that these issues contributed to his rampage.

The more frightening undercurrent to his manifesto, though, is his attitude toward women in general and sexual relations in particular.


“We want to congratulate Gail on her accomplishments,” said Pamela Burns, vice president of outpatient services at Prairie View.It’s sleeping with and then murdering prostitutes in the Grand Theft Auto games, and it’s Mario winning Princess Peach as a prize after hard work.It’s “pick-up artists” and rapists, and it’s the “nice young man” in your church who thinks he can earn the right to a date by being nice to a woman, regardless of her feelings.And herein lies the problem: pop culture is engraining in us a number of tragic lies about sexuality and relationships.And without meaning to, we all start to internalize them and believe them. The Survey of Internet Mental Health Issues is a nationwide mail survey of over 30,000 mental health professionals to assess their encounters with clients having problematic Internet experiences.