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London is at the forks of the non-navigable Thames River, approximately halfway between Toronto, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.
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The program provided access to support groups for women during the whole process of trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, and transitioning to motherhood.Jennifer said, “You realize there are a whole group of different types of families.She’d always wanted to get married and be a mother but by her late 30’s the pieces were not coming together.She had recently ended a long-term relationship and been operated on for endometriosis.In 2005, I decided to become a single mother by choice.Being my Grandmother's caregiver stirred in me the realization that I was ready.

Maybe it wasn't denial, as people say, but a genuine disinclination to be a mother, my own internal voice trying to be heard above the ear-splitting din of cultural expectation. When he volunteered to inseminate me himself, I laughed. All night, I cycled through my Hail Mary options — my brand-new boyfriend's sperm, my gay male best friend's sperm, anonymous donor sperm, adoption — and berated myself for being in this position to begin with. I was considering having a child by myself in part because I'd been watching other women do it — or rather, one woman in particular: Rachel Grady, the first person in my extended social circle to decide to have a child on her own.

"It's time you start having kids." So barked a novelist of my acquaintance the moment we sat down for dinner.

My uterus is none of his business, and yet, I'd just returned from a week on the beach with my little brother and his family, and all that quality time with my small nieces had made me feel something I'd never known: a craving to have a child of my own.

So right off the bat, I had a shortened time frame. While I was building my career at Wells Fargo, I was attending to my personal and romantic life for the first time. And then that engagement ended in a burst of flames when I was 38.

I was heartbroken, disappointed, and looking at 40 pretty close up.