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This week on Unqualified Anna and Sim sit down with one of the kindest people in the world, the magnificent Ru Paul (RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE, RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE: ALL STARS, WHAT’S THE TEE? Ru gives Anna and Sim their drag names, they talk about sexuality, spirituality, their first albums and play a winning round of Would You Rather! Later they call Jo, who doesn’t know what to do about her partners close friendship with an ex, and Jackie, who finds out the guy she’s been talking to is secretly an NFL player! When he was four, the family moved to nearby Brampton.

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The video and its viral nature was referenced by Peters on his performance, Outsourced, when the audience cheered to the reference he made to his previous jokes, to which Peters exclaimed, "Look at you, you filthy downloaders!

, which was uploaded onto You Tube and became viral, as the turning point in his career.

While the initial video upload featured his entire 45-minute performance, You Tube users subsequently uploaded segments of the performance where Peters focused on individual cultural groups.

It was only natural for Russell Peters, that ridiculously hilarious chap who made us giggle every time he uttered ‘somebody gonna get a hurt real bad’ and Sunny Leone to bond.

Since both find their origin in India, the two were brought up in Canada, it was only obvious for the stand-up comedian with an enviable fan following to gel with Sunny who had already made a name for herself in the US thanks to her colourful portfolio.