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I, like most, would be happy with my Tom-Tom(or Garmin). Nothing in any in the manual or literature I received has anything about the Nav updates. __________________ 2004 Touareg V10 TDI Colorado Red Blk 2000 Golf 5spd 2-dr (now grandsons) Sand Biege 2008 Mercedes GL320 CDI (wife's) '83 Mitsubishi 4X4 PU(2.3L turbodiesel) '85 U1700 UNIMOG ["I DO understand - its a UNIMOG thing"] I would say your salesperson is feeding you a line of BS. It read "God created alcohol to prevent the Irish from taking over the world".

I was told that the new nav system is continuously updated, by satellite, for the maps, traffic data, POI, & ect.. The salesman said no problem the 2012 Touareg comes with free interactive updates for maps, POI, and traffic.. Check your own nav system for the version it's currently using, I think it's in the setup menu. Find out what version they show as for your vehicle. My grandmother by the way, had an unforgettable stained glass placard over her kitchen sink.

Nav Teq will not do that and they are who supplies VW with the maps and POI for their units. But, my favorite part about them is that they always do it with a SMILE...........*ting*..... But, my favorite part about them is that they always do it with a SMILE...........*ting*..... Tom TOM doent help customers but is censoring their problems. I wrote this yesterday on this Forum, but it was censored. Exactly what I have found,, but in this instance, he touted how he had to go to an all day class on the new Nav unit That and the 100% free standard warranty maintenance made me think there may be some hint of truth.. I am going to act like he was correct and call my assigned maintenance honcho tomorrow and "arrange" for the up-dates to the nav system when we go in for the 90 day check. I have a 5yo Tom-Tom that was updated a couple years ago. The Garmin site never recognized that the latest Garmin Communicator module was already installed.