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Though Lyda was briefly estranged from her parents, the family has since reconciled, as her parents try to accept not only Steven, but also their relationship, as part of their new reality.
Clearly there are many benefits that result from Internet usage, but until recently there has been little recognition of the dangers that may also result from the use of such technology.

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In order to compile FFmpeg on Windows, you need to install the Min GW environment and a few tools which are strictly required.

The following sections give some indications for installing some of the required components.

MSYS2 and MSYS2 (Minimal SYStem 2) is an independent rewrite of MSYS, a (command-line) shell for development usage, and based on modern Cygwin (POSIX compatibility layer) and Min GW-w64 (from "Min GW-builds"), with the aim of better interoperability with native Windows software.

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MSYS2 together with 32-bit and 64-bit Min GW packages.For more details on what the MSYS2 packages I include see #10726 (Awson's comment).but it should contain all we need and no python or fortran, which makes the uncompressed tar a 1-2 hundreds mb smaller.I will keep them all separate packages and download each individually.I think that gives us a bit more control over updating the packages.Unless you think we should group them in one large tar file?