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Then he says, “Just to get this out of the way, do you want to have kids?

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She spoke with Beliefnet about turning 50, going through menopause, parenting a teenager, avoiding the pitfalls of "success addiction," and her reborn political activism.

I was wondering in what way you think you've grown spiritually in the last few years since "Traveling Mercies." What's changed for you?

My heart, smashed in so many places, wasn't ready for new love, let alone fun (ironic, for a novelist who writes about love). And though a few people rose to the top, none were inherently right for me.

* (It helped to know that some people I admire had taken the plunge, too, like one of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott, who wrote about her year on here.)Cautiously, I chose a few photos and wrote some stupid one-line description, which (don't laugh), I believe went something like this: "Hi, I'm Sarah. Looking for the real and the epic." (Yeah, On my first date, I nervously showed up 20 minutes early to a bar and suffered through an agonizing hour of conversation with a man who wouldn't stop staring at my chest. Date number two was better, although I had no idea what to wear, and ended up arriving at a sports bar in a Helmut Lang dress (he was wearing a T-shirt and jeans—oops). Some men got blocked for stalker-like behavior (no, it is never a good idea to send flowers to a woman's I wasn't really looking for anything, or anyone.

I have a sense of humor about a lot of stuff that sometimes is hard to have a sense of humor about. My priority is this sense of union, slow but sure union with God.

So people, I think, partly respond to me because I have a good sense of humor.

But there are no paper dolls in dating, and there isn't such a thing as a perfect man. Somewhere along the journey, my heart healed, and I learned that I could open myself up to it all again.

But somehow, I let Natalie convince me (over a few glasses of wine) to create an online profile. I'd tell my friends that I wished I could pick and choose various traits from all of these dates to create the perfect man.

There were bankers and lawyers, surgeons and sommeliers, actors and guitar players, and one unsettlingly handsome male model.Writer Anne Lamott was raised by atheists and spent years addicted to drugs and drink. I know I love it when I come upon people who can make me laugh about stuff I felt very sensitive or grippy and clenched up about. I think one of the blessings of getting a little bit older is that you let go of a lot of stuff that you used to care a lot about. You’ve got to throw a bunch of stuff out of the airplane that’s just keeping you flying too low. Everything, especially my own mental processes, gets me to call out for help.She traces her sobriety and spirituality to a day in the the mid-1980s when she felt the presence of Jesus – like a mewling alley cat, she later wrote. I think people are starving to be reminded that they’re loved and that there’s something else going on besides their own very worried minds and perceptions. So I don’t feel like, “Oh, I’ve found my niche,” but I’ve found a niche sufficient for today. I really believe I can help the people I’m closest to and fix them and save them and correct their thinking. But I love him speaking out against doctrine as opposed to our human mess and our humanity.I remember the moment I told a friend that I was thinking about deleting my various dating accounts. On any given Saturday night, I wanted to be spending time with my friends rather than struggling through a date with some man who talked incessantly about his cats. But I've learned to be happy in the moment, happy for this day, and this time. I once was terrified of dating (online and otherwise), of moving ahead, of the roller coaster ride of it all. After a year of it all, I felt content being alone, tired of the endless dating hamster wheel. So, one evening, I set out to part ways with online dating. And then we lost track, because suddenly we were spending all of our free time together. In Mexico last month, he took the above photo of me. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her nonfiction works are largely autobiographical.