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Many were caught unaware by the change and around 2.6 million women born in the 1950s in the UK are affected.

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‘The hardest thing was – how do you find someone who’s good-looking, talented and can look like me? He became a household name during his time in East Enders – most notably for his character’s romance with his adopted ‘sister’ Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) – but he left the soap at the end of 2005 after Dennis was stabbed to death.

The actor will make his Downton debut in the forthcoming fourth series as visiting valet Mr Green.

Even when I was in East Enders it wasn’t like that, that’s just what is reported in the press.

When I’m out and about I talk to people about normal things like my children and dogs.” Which goes to show he has no idea how convincing he is on screen, that air of mocking menace that stays with you long after his performance is over.

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Downton Abbey newcomer Nigel Harman is set to turn his attentions to a very different role after being cast as the ‘Simon Cowell’ character in the forthcoming X Factor musical.

Harman's career has been mainly theatre-based since he left East Enders but the actor managed to avoid the panto route taken by many ex-soap stars.

He was in the original cast of Mamma Mia and returned to musical theatre by replacing Ewan Mc Gregor in Guys And Dolls.

"Actually, he just told me that he was also going to wear a blue shirt and combats today. He's moved to Manchester with his wife Tanya (played by East Enders actress Samantha Womack) and daughter Ella.His dramatic screen plays always gross a lot of money.Nigel Harman always drives the older girls mad with his pecs.. Dashing, of course, but relaxed in a blue shirt, combat jeans and brown flip-flops.We're discussing the new series of the successful comedy drama Mount Pleasant, which Harman has joined for its third series.Katherine Mac Alister talks to former East Ender Nigel Harman about his busy schedule, which includes directing Shrek the Musical in Oxford Nigel Harman is a tricky customer.