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Not to be some poser who will always be in trouble and who always will get picked on by the cops. You may not like me, but your girlfriend loves me Ese. I will be chilling in the barrio with my Luca and my 40 ounce party juice on my block Ese.

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He does not only have a perfect physique, but he also is a very very very excellent actor. he's best suited for darker dramas or family oriented ones. I hope hae jin will become very successful through the world wide. And i like him a lot may be because our birthday on same month. I wish to cut a cake with him on our birthday at am between 1st and 2nd may..

He looks so happy and fatherly with children (see his press tour of Barefoot Dream or the bts of Missing Noir M).Korean netizens are at it again and this time, they think that actor Park Hae Jin and actress Park Shin Hye are an item apparently basing it on evidence from their respective Cyworld entries that links them together indirectly.One Korean netizen posted on a forum yesterday, recent photos from Park Hae Jin’s Cyworld and a recent diary entry from Park Shin Hye’s Cyworld, sharing with the world the possibility that they might be dating.Park Won-sang's cameo in episode 3 was brilliant, and he's brilliant.I absolutely loved his cameo, and thought he was hilarious.i'm sooo in love with u oppa, there are millions actors but u're the most talented of them all. knew him for the first time at doctor's stranger but he didn't get much scenes, just felt that thia guy is so tall and cold :). First saw him in My Love from the Star but since KSH is the lead, I haven't really had a connection with him but I fell in love with him in Cheese in the Trap. I searched all of your movies and i found out that you are a great; awesome,cute, lovely,hot, and the best actor! You're so amazzzzz ZZiiiiiiiinnnggg Thanks a lot coz u make me laugh, cry, and smiler He's currently doing great in his ongoing drama Man to Man in JTBC..playing a slightly comedic but a very smart and incredible role as Ghost Agent K suits him well.. I like all your expressions and you look breathtakingly gorgeous... god must be hearing my prayer ; v ; love his characters so much, every character is so well built and to add up, he's super handsome ; v ; in man to man, i hope there wont be a romance line, it just feel so out of the plot tho ; v ; You are good in action with love story drama... always remember your acting was the best in cheese in the trap and that drama should be must given and deserves the Grammys! Right after his first series of Famous Chill Princesses, he took the main lead in Heaven and Earth and Hot Blood. I never like korean actor before as much as I do to you. From Indonesian fan in Japan He's 33, why hasn't he been the lead character until Cheese in the Trap?