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"We just had markings of the rooms where we would be doing the scenes in and we'd walk through these scenes. A machine gun-related injury kept Scarface's star on the sidelines for two weeks. I start leaping up in the air, flying up in the air and I land and I go to grab the gun and guess what? "I was working with Stella Adler, a great acting teacher in New York City.We rehearsed that for a couple weeks and we were like, 'We could take this on the road. While describing his lengthy, intense rehearsal period, Pacino revealed, "I got shot! I grabbed the barrel..the gun that just shot off 30 rounds. [...] I got this call to meet the casting director Alixe Gordin. Murray Abraham's mother doesn't care how big of a star Al Pacino is. "My mother's Italian and she's still around, she's about 97 years old," Abraham told the audience. She's very proud of it and she said [after seeing Scarface], 'Murray, I saw the movie. It's not good for the Italian people.' I said, 'Mom, it's the script.But in life, the actor remained an elusive figure, preferring to avoid disclosing anything of a personal nature.Despite such reluctance to open up about his life, Pacino maintained a long, prominent career in which he accomplished acting's rarest of feats - winning Oscar, Emmy and Tony awards.It was at the Tiffany Theater here in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard. Scarface's signature decadence was Brian De Palma's vision.

Antonio "Tony" Montana was born in Cuba to a Cuban mother and an American father.

Murray Abraham, as well as Scarface producer Martin Bregman. Al Pacino came up with the idea to remake the the original Howard Hawks-directed Scarface, says Al Pacino.

From their Scarface-style thrones on stage -- bathed in red light and surrounded by Roman sculptures, natch -- the cast reflected on their movie's present-day popularity, machine-gun injuries and Eddie Murphy. When asked how the Brian De Palma classic was conceived, Pacino explained, "My first experience was seeing Paul Muni in the Howard Hughes film, the original Scarface that they did in 1932.

It has since been recast and made perfectly safe and is now coming up on general sale for the first time The sale is being held by RM Auctions in Indiana, US on Saturday.

A spokesman for RM Auctions said: "The gun comes with letter of authenticity from the weapons coordinator on Scarface.